As a new concept to most of us you want to make sure you are making the right decision. We know that you are, but if you are unsure about anything or would like an informal chat about the options available to you please Contact Us These Frequently Asked Questions may be of some use to you.

How is it laid?

Your existing lawn is either removed or cut very short. Any ruts will be filled in with a sharp sand base in preparation for a membrane to be laid which stops any weeds coming through. The artificial grass is then laid over the membrane, any joins are glued, and edges are nailed down. The grasses that we use are non sandfill.

Is it laid over my existing lawn?

We remove any existing turf and put down a sharp sand base. on top of this will be a membrane that stops any weeds coming through and the grass carpet is then laid on top.

Do I have to Clean it?

The artificial grass can be swept to clear away leaves and garden debris.With any dog/cat mess this can be removed and the areas rinsed down.

Will it fade?

No, the grass fibres are UV stabilised.

How long does it last?

The grass comes with a 7 year guarantee and we generally advise that the fibres themselves will last around 25 years depending on the use of the garden of course.

Does it grow?

No, not at all – the grass is synthetic. Because of the removal of your turf and the membrane below you will find that no grass or weeds grow up through your artificial lawn either.

Is it harmful to children or pets?

No, your artificial lawn would in no way be harmful to your children or pets.